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Why Does the Pomodoro Technique Work?

Anyone who has been a procrastinator in the past and has started to use the Pomodoro technique to become more productive often wonders why the Pomodoro technique works? It's really not all that complicated and it's actually the simplicity of the Pomodoro technique that makes it so successful in combatting procrastination. There are four main reasons that the Pomodoro technique works:

  • It gets you started on the task you've been procrastinating doing.
  • Once you start, it's easier to continue.
  • The 25-minute time period isn't too long or too short.
  • The 25-minute time period is perfect for staying focused.

It Gets You Started

For those who constantly procrastinate, looking at spending 25-minutes doing the task at hand isn't a too daunting amount of time to make you think about doing something else. It's only 25 minutes you have to work on the task. That's something that's manageable even to those who are procrastinating because they really don't feel like doing the task. You aren't focused on having to spend the entire morning, the entire afternoon or the entire day on the task. All you need to do is spend 25 minutes.

Once You Start...

For most people who are procrastinating, the most difficult part is actually starting the task. They have all these thoughts about how difficult the task will be and how much time it will take, so they procrastinate. The 25-minute Pomodoro helps to overcome the getting started and since this is the most difficult part, it's easy to continue and the task gets completed. Once you begin the task, it's much easier to keep going, especially if you know there is only a short period of time you need to concentrate on it.

Not Too Short or Too Long

The 25-minute Pomodoro length hits that sweet spot of not being too short a period of time or too long a period of time. In fact, it's a great amount of time to promote urgency. Once you begin a 25-minute Pomodoro, you know that it's not a long period of time to work on the stated task, so you try to get as much done as possible on that task before the 25 minutes is up. On the other side, it's not too long so that you end up burning yourself out before the time period ends as could easily happen if the Pomodoro were an hour or two long.

You Stay Focused

Another great benefit that helps the Pomodoro technique work is the 25-minute Pomodoro is a good time period to help you stay focused on the task. While some people may be able to stay focused on a task for a longer period of time, almost everyone can stay focused for 25 minutes. Even for those who may be able to stay focused longer, this time period allows them to take the short 5-minute breaks and longer breaks to rejuvenate so that they can remain better focused throughout the entire day, not just for an hour or two. This means that even those who are productive can become even more productive using the Pomodoro technique.

If you've been surprised at how well the Pomodoro technique works, now you know the basics answer to the common question "Why does the Pomodoro technique work?" If you are someone who is considering trying the Pomodoro technique but have been skeptical that it'll work for you, it's definitely worth giving it a shot. Most people who have procrastinated a lot in the past are quite surprised at how well the Pomodoro technique works at helping them overcome their procrastinating tendencies.